Lombardy Foundation Cluster Technologies for Living Environments aims at developing highly innovative knowledge, technological solutions, plants, buildings and products, within Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Assisted Living frameworks, these expertise and capabilities allow for a redesign of living environments to foster inclusion, safety, well-being, health and eco-sustainability.

Lombardy Cluster Tech for life Foundation is a multidisciplinary partnership whose breadth comprises the whole development cycle: products and services’ innovation, integration, testing, promotion.

Its range of action covers the entire life span, with a focus on the needs of the individual.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Cluster Technologies for Living Environments has acquired legal personality, becoming a Foundation of participation. The Foundation’s composition: Founding Promoters, Successive Founders and Participants.



What is it a Cluster?

Technological Clusters are organized aggregations of companies, universities and other public and private institutions devoted to research and innovation. They are suitable to contribute to international competitiveness both of their reference territories and the national economic system.— Art. 1, comma 4, Bando MIUR D.D. 30.5.2012, n. 257 —

Clusters aim at enhancing the impact of regional development policies in strategic sectors in terms of competitiveness of the existing productive and scientific areas. Furthermore, to value the participation of excellent Lombardy entities, with know-how and methodologies that can support research and innovation.— Regione Lombardia, DCPI Decree enacting, Point 3, August, 5th 2012, n. 5981 —


  • Promote and foster research, innovation and education in Technologies for Living Environments areas
  • Facilitate relationships between research and industry, alongside existing structures
  • Become an aggregator for know-how and industrial strategies in Technologies for Living Environments areas. The aim is to support the definition of territorial development policies, spokesmanship in technical-normative committees, participation in national and international networks
  • Support the partners in defining and implementing joint projects. Said activity includes facilitating the participation of the partners in open calls for financing in research, development and education projects and the direct participation of the Cluster whereas eligible
  • Disseminate ClusterTAV’s activity through online and offline media, and through the participation and organization of events
  • To support and facilitate the commercial development of the partnership

Joining the Lombardy Cluster Tech for life Foundation

The Cluster has an inclusive approach. For more information or to submit an application, write a mail at [email protected].



Univerlecco is a territorial association that comprises the Province, Chamber of Commerce and Municipality of Lecco, pools, professional associations and local labor unions as well as the Research Hospital E. Medea – La Nostra Famiglia Association, the Valduce Hospital – Rehabilitation Center Villa Beretta and the Brera Astronomical Observatory.


  • It facilitates the presence and the development of university education and research centers in the Lecco area, with a focus on Politecnico di Milano and CNR (the National Council of Research)
  • It foster the development of relationships among the economic, productive and scientific fabrics
  • It supports and coordinates the local actors in the participation to research and communication projects and facilitates the technological transfer from research to industry/institutions

Until the foundation was established, Univerlecco played the role of aggregator and coordinator for the establishment of the Regional Cluster Technologies for Living Environments.

To know more about UniverLecco, visit its website.


Eng. Vico Valassi

  • Entrepreneur
  • President of UniverLecco-Sondrio, Association for the promotion of university entity in the Province of Lecco, since 1996
  • President of Lombardy Foundation Cluster Technologies for Living Environments
  • Vice-President of Founders Assembly of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, since 2007
  • Member of Administration Board of Politecnico di Milano
  • Politecnico di Milano Foundation: Vice-President, since 2007
  • Former President Lecco Chamber of Commerce: since 1993
  • Former Member of the Administrative Board. As a government spokesman, appointed by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research), until December 2010. Appointed with a Dean’s Decree, since January 2011
  • CNR (National Council of Research): Advisor, since 2004. Appointed by the Chambers of Commerce Italian Union. Also member of the Strategic Committee in the Accordo Quadro between Regione Lombardia and CNR
  • Former President of ANCE (National Association of Building Contractors)
  • Former President of Mondimpresa

Cluster manager


Eng. Cristina De Capitani

Graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Mechanical Engineering, she is currently First Technologist at the CNR Institute Polymers Composites and Biomaterials and Cluster Manager of the Regional Cluster Foundation Lombardo Technologies for Living Environments.

Project Manager of the Univerlecco Association, formerly Head of the Healthcare Area of ​​the Politecnico di Milano Business School and professor of the Politecnico di Milano for over 10 years on the subject of Quality Management, has carried out Research and consultancy on services and health, both in the academic field and for multinational companies.