CENERGIA project

Danish engineering company CENERGIA looks to daylight as an essential component for healthy and happy homes in cooperation with Copenhagen and the EU.

The Living in Light Box is a CENERGIA project and brings a holistic alternative into present focus when refurbishing existing housing in an urban context. Living in Light addresses people, as well as people’s health and well-being, as the point of entry. The human focus comes before focusing on the actual building. We call this focus; people before buildings. Daylight is the driver for attractive indoor comfort.

The Living in Light Box is a carbon neutral Active House test-housing unit that is realised in connection to the Nordic Built Projects “Living in Light” and “Active Roofs and Facades in Sustainable Renovation”. It also represents the result of a cooperation with the city of Copenhagen, first in the EU-Concerto project “Green Solar Cities” and later in the EUDP project “Smart Grid School Renovation”. The Living in Light Box test-housing unit also covers important work concerning solar energy integration in practice, both with focus on building integration of solar thermal PV into carbon neutral housing design. The relatively low-cost solar thermal solution integrated into the south faced represents a strong architectural optimised technology from a Norwegian producer.